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Covid-19 Guidelines

  1. Entry access to the school is limited to planned or scheduled visitors only as identified by daily log.
  2. All staff and visitors are subject to temperature screening by our security officer on arrival at the entrance gate. Anyone showing signs of illness, coughing and sneezing will not be allowed on compound.
  3. All staff and visitors must wear a mask while on compound…..no mask, no entry.
  4. All staff and visitors are to be directed to entry hand wash station for full hand washing using running water and soap and drying with paper towels.
  5. All staff and visitors who may exit the compound must wash hands on re-entry.
  6. Only staff vehicles are allowed inside compound. All contractors are to be directed to park outside compound.
  7. Supplier delivery vehicles are allowed to enter compound for large deliveries only, delivery personnel are subject to temperature screening and hand washing,
  8. All deliveries are to be received by security and placed in Bldg A foyer.
  9. Staff and visitors are to maintain social distancing of six feet at all times when on compound.
  10. No congregating of more than five persons is allowed on compound.