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How To Apply

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in Maple Leaf International School. We give careful consideration and review every application, hoping to get to know each candidate for admission as both a student and an individual. While valuing and respecting your past achievements, we strive to understand your future potential, seriousness of purpose, and possible contribution to the Maple Leaf family and even the wider local and global community.

While admission to Maple Leaf International School occurs on an ongoing basis, our Admissions Team encourages students wishing to enter Grades 9 – 12 to begin the process in the last term of the preceding academic year for a September start, or for a late January admission begin the process in the first term of the current academic year. If you have any questions about any of our steps or entrance requirements, please email us at We understand there may be certain unique circumstances that require our review and flexibility of time. We are happy to work with you as needed.


Grade Placement

Ages 4 -13

Students aged 4 to 13 are placed in the age appropriate grade where possible, provided that the results of their academic assessment indicate that they will be able to perform well with other students in the same grade. Report cards, and school referral forms are also considered in placement decisions.

The following chart is provided to compare Ontario/Maple Leaf grades to the local school system.

Grade Level at Maple Leaf Other local school systems
Junior Kindergarten – Age 4 by December 31 Kindergarten
Senior Kindergarten – Age 5 by December 31 Infant 1 / Prep 1
Grade 1 – Age 6 by December 31 Infant 2 / Prep 2
Grade 2 – Age 7 by December 31 Primary 1 / Standard 1
Grade 3 – Age 8 by December 31 Primary 2 / Standard 2
Grade 4 – Age 9 by December 31 Primary 3 / Standard 3
Grade 5 – Age 10 by December 31 SEA 4 / Primary 4 / Standard 4
Grade 6 – Age 11 by December 31 SEA 5 / Primary 5 / Standard 5
Grade 7 – Age 12 by December 31 Form 1
Grade 8 – Age 13 by December 31 Form 2

Ages 14 -18

Students aged 14 and up may be offered acceptance into any grade from 9 through 12. The grade placement decision for these students will be made based on Maple Leaf’s academic assessment, previous schools’ report cards, transcripts and school referrals. A student’s prior school results and transcripts will be evaluated and an ‘Equivalent Standing’ determined. This will then determine how many Ontario credits will be awarded as equivalent. A student requires a minimum of 30 Ontario credits to graduate.  



Payment of the Registration and/or Assessment Fee can be made by online transfer or direct deposit to our TT or US account.

For TT payments: Republic Bank Ltd., Starlite Shopping Plaza, Diego Martin, Account # 4402 2463 4301. Type: Chequing account.

For US payments: Scotiabank Trinidad & Tobago Limited, Starlite Shopping Plaza, Diego Martin, Branch #74625, Account # 4000618. Type: Savings account.

Please request additional banking information from us for international funds transfers.

Please note we do not accept payment via credit/debit cards.


Enrollment Steps

Step 1: Registration

A complete application consists of:

  • Registration Form
  • Registration Fee of TT$200 (non-refundable) 
  • Student Referral Form For applicants Grades 1-12. To be completed by a teacher or administrator at the applicant’s present school.
  • Past three years reports  For applicants Grades 4-8
  • Transcripts  For applicants Grades 9-12
  • Assessment & Evaluation Reports if applicable, eg. Psycho-Educational, Occupational Therapy, Language, Behavioural (Failure to disclose all such reports or information may negatively impact enrollment.)
  • Two passport sized photos of applicant
    (Photos can be submitted in hard copy or digital version. The digital photo must be taken of child in a well lit area, eg. facing a window, against a plain, light coloured background.)
  • Copy of Passport and Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Immunization Record

Documents may be scanned and emailed to

Step 2: Assessment

The assessment process begins with a meeting with one of our school administrators, Principal or Vice-Principal, the parents/guardians and child. 

Maple Leaf International School is dedicated to student success. We take into consideration the individual needs of each student who has varying strengths and weaknesses and as such, new students are required to complete an entrance assessment. Due to variations in teaching styles and grading standards, grades alone are not sufficient. The assessment involves reading, writing, and mathematics which allows us to determine skill levels.

The child is assessed;

  • To evaluate the student’s academic skill level and potential for success with the Ontario Curriculum
  • To evaluate the student’s likelihood of successful integration both socially and behaviourally in the programme
  • To assist parents and students in their adjustment to Maple Leaf International School

Assessment Fee (non refundable):
                    Local Student TT$600.
                    Foreign Student TT$1000.

Step 3: Admission Decision

The Admissions team will make a decision regarding the students acceptance to the school and on grade placement. You will receive an answer within a week.

Upon acceptance, you will be contacted to receive your Acceptance Package. This includes a Letter of Acceptance, an Annual Enrollment Agreement, an outline of tuition fees and all associated costs as well as other pertinent information needed to start school. To accept the offer of admission you will be required to make all payments as outlined in the package, sign the Letter of Acceptance, complete the Annual Enrollment Agreement and return these to us electronically.