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Take Our Kids To Work Day

Last Thursday, March 14, was ‘Take Our Kids To Work’ day. This is an annual event at Maple Leaf which provides first-hand learning about work, and a range of career opportunities for Grade 10 students taking the Career Studies course. Students participate by job shadowing an adult at a particular place of work. ‘Take Our Kids to Work’ provides opportunities for students to:

· Provide an insight into the world of work.
· Gain insight into skills required to succeed in the workplace.
· Talk with adults in the workforce to get a clearer picture of the education required to get a job, job skills employers are looking for, how to search for work.
· To learn more about the types and variety of jobs that exist and the work employees do.
· Understand how what you are learning in school and the skills you are developing are used in the workplace (i.e. Working with others, communication, organizational etc.).
· Recognize the importance of continuous learning in pursuing career opportunities.
· See the realities and demands of the workplace.
· Understand the importance of staying in school.
· To begin exploring career options.

The project provides companies with an opportunity to showcase their work and to connect with members of tomorrow’s workforce.

Thank you to all those businesses who hosted our Grade 10 students.