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The Winners – Learning Tree Challenge

Over the past six weeks, students and staff participated in the library’s 5th annual Learning Tree Challenge 2022. House points were earned for each book and website read and all those who participated received a certificate. Those who read the most in each grade and among staff were awarded certificates and a special prize. The top winner of this year’s edition was Cameron Fakoory of Grade 3 with 35 responses in the six-week period.

Please see below for the final house point tallies in the challenge and a complete list of this year’s winners.

House Totals
Hercules (Yellow) – 77 points
Orion (Green) – 43 points
Perseus (Blue) – 31 points
Phoenix (Red) – 12 points

Learning Tree Challenge Winners
Grade 2 Aarya Ramsingh
Grade 3 Cameron Fakoory
Grade 4 Arush Kotapati
Grade 6 Sophia Haloute
Grade 7 Jade Lee-Carrington
Grade 8 Joshua Teelucksingh
Grade 12 Isabelle Laquis
Staff – Mrs. Fakoory and Mrs. Gomes

Congratulations to all!