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House League News

This year, Maple Leaf International School is implementing a HOUSE System initiative to foster collegiality across the school population and lay the foundation for an engaging, safe school environment.

The HOUSE System will encourage students to connect positively to MLIS and with one another. Students’ participation in an array of school activities including academics, sporting activities, volunteerism, and extra-curricular clubs will promote leadership development and comradery between cohorts. The HOUSE Competition promotes a keen, but good-natured rivalry between HOUSE teams to see who will win the HOUSE Trophy each year. In addition to team incentives, the MLIS HOUSE system will provide opportunities for students to earn individual accolades through their involvement with school culture and events.

The HOUSE system will support students in the following ways:

  • Student Centered Focus: each student will be treated as an individual.
  • A caring, supportive environment: each student will be a valued member of a small, diverse unit within the larger unit of the whole school.
  • Social mentoring, and developing interpersonal skills: Varied ages provides older students with opportunities to set positive examples for younger students and offer peer support to combat bullying.
  • Support for the vast majority of our students who already want to learn and behave.
  • Positive, collegial atmosphere amongst students setting a framework for life skills necessary for a rapidly changing society.
  • Equal opportunity and encouragement to achieve a student’s full potential.
  • Promotion of Student Responsibility, Team skills, Leadership skills and Cooperation.
  • Extra-Curricular activities, which will enhance the individual’s school experience.
House Groups can also be used to:
  • Welcome visitors to MLIS;
  • Organize special events;
  • Represent MLIS at public functions;

In order to accomodate our entire school population, the structure of the HOUSE System is varied across three divisions including Kindergarten – Grade 3, Grades 4 – 8, and Grades 9 – 12.

Along with opportunities to earn points for their HOUSE throughout the year, students from K-3 will work towards a Certificate of Achievement (Kindergarten students will earn a Kindergarten Diploma) that they will receive upon completion of each year. Certificates of Achievement will highlight important achievements that students accomplish during their time in each of the early grades.

Along with younger students, those in higher grades will participate in a variety of school events where they may earn HOUSE points. Additionally, upon reaching grade 4, they will become eligible to earn Winit Seals of involvement for their connection and contribution to the MLIS community. Winits may be earned through participation in a variety of school activities and clubs representing Academics, Arts, Leadership, and Athletics. Winit seals will be embossed on Certificates of Involvement, presented to students upon the completion of grade 8 and grade 12.

At this point, we have introduced the HOUSE System to staff and students. Monthly recognition assemblies have been planned to communicate HOUSE events and celebrate student achievement; a bulletin board has been set up in the Great Hall outlining current clubs and opportunities; teachers and staff have arranged a variety of opportunities to earn 40 different Winit seals and; certificates, Winit seals and Medallions have been designed and submitted for approval.

Along with the attached inventory order for certificates, we will also be purchasing a HOUSE cup to be awarded to the top team at the end of the year. Additionally, we plan to purchase T-shirts emblazoned with a ‘well rounded’ insignia for those students whose involvement permeates all areas of the school community.