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News and Recent Events

It was a fantastic day for Maple Leaf! There was something for everyone, and there were smiles all around. Thanks to the PTA and the Sports/Fun Day committee for a successful event!

Maple Leaf’s Easter Scavenger Hunt for High Schoolers took place on Thursday, March 22 and saw participation from teachers and students alike. Teams were provided with various cards, each containing several tasks that ranged from physical feats (such as making a human pyramid) to taking selfies, creating a handshake, finding a hidden Easter egg, and solving Mensa questions among others. Prizes (Easter baskets with various goodies) were awarded to the first four teams that completed the scavenger hunt. After prizes were awarded, everyone cooled down and ended the day with a “Duck-Duck-Goose” game of epic proportions.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone for supporting the What’s Your Write? 2015 Launch held last Friday in the gym. It took a whole team of teachers an students to make this happen!

The What’s Your Write writing contest is now open and you can submit your writing in many categories. These categories are displayed outside the library. Each entry must have a signed submission form attached to it. These forms are available at the library. The contest closes on the 1st of May 2015

Wasa-logo-2-120x120Some students from Grades 10 and 11 recently took part in the Qualification Round of the 5th National Secondary Schools “In the Know with H20: WASA – 50 Years & Beyond”. Unfortunately we did not qualify to go to the next round but we did rank 27th out of 92 schools.

We would like to thank the following students for their participation and hard work; Cristiano Chelotti, Abigail Dingwall, Ana Ferreira, Tristan Sabeeney, Jordan Thomson and Nausicaa Wit.

Saturday March 14, 2015 is considered by many in the field of mathematics to be “Ultimate Pi Day” because the date can be shown as the first digits of the mathematical constant known as Pi: 3.14.15 Celebrations of Pi Day were held world wide!

Students in the grade 10 math class celebrated Pi Day on Friday.  Students learned about the meaning of Pi by reading a book called “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi”. As well there was a Pi-Rate Treasure hunt and they created a mobile with the digits of Pi to hang in the Great Hall.  And of course, we ate Pi(e). Not all of them were round!

The Maple Leaf Scuba Group has just concluded their 2015 Programme which culminated in a trip to Tobago for some exciting diving over the weekend March 13-15. Fifteen students and four teachers took part in the training. The Maple Leaf Dive Club had an amazing and educational weekend where nine members achieved their PADI Open Water Certification and one person got their Advanced Certification. Congratulations Divers!

Over the past few weeks, students in the Grade 12 Exercise Science class have been working on creating models of Synovial Joints.  They completed a two-part assignment on the joint of their choice. They demonstrated the knowledge and understanding gained from the Anatomy and Physiology unit; especially the following: bones, ligaments, muscle names, joint types, and proper use of anatomical terminology when describing body movements.

Students used common materials such as: nylon stockings or balloons (filled with another material) and elastics for muscles; for the bones they used wood, plastic, cardboard tubes; for ligaments they used strong elastics, deflated balloons, and Velcro; and for cartilage they used use plastic / nylon or styrofoam.

downloadMLIS will be having its annual Science, Technology and Career Fair on May 19th, 2015. As in past years, Science Fair provides students with the chance to engage in self-directed, hands on learning projects that promote problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students are eagerly beginning the planning stages of this excellent learning opportunity.

Students who wish to participate must complete MLIS Science Fair Application Form and have their project approved by a parent/guardian and submit it to Ms. Harrilal, Ms. Miller, or Ms. Rogers by March 20th, 2015. After submission students will begin working on their projects.

On May 19th, students’ projects will  be displayed in the gymnasium for viewing and judging.

news_paper_storiesWe have partnered with the Guardian Newspaper to promote the student writing that is being done in conjunction with our school library. To kick off our 9th annual writing contest, the Guardian will be publishing some of last year’s winners. On Sunday, March 8th, the winning story by Kira Quashie called “Sea Turtle Predator” was featured.

Check the Guardian every Sunday during March for more featured stories.