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Senior students start their own charity “Let’s Give Back”

After recognizing the hardship caused by the pandemic to many members of their community, two of our senior students were inspired by their grandparents to follow in their footsteps. Cousins Isabelle and Savanna Laquis said “both our grandparents do a lot of charity work and leave a large impact on the community. We decided we wanted to create our own charity to impact others the same way they have and carry on the work to the younger generations.”

In the midst of the pandemic lockdown in March 2020, Isabelle and Savanna formed ‘Let’s Give Back’. “Our goal is to spread awareness about the devastating effects of poverty and hunger in our community and the world, to inspire people to make little changes in their lives to help others.”

‘Let’s Give Back’ began their work by donating much needed food items, supplies and homemade cookies to an orphanage. This was followed by the distribution of 130 food hampers to Diego Martin construction workers who were left unemployed during the Covid-19 lockdown. Isabelle and Savanna are now planning their next project and have received donations amounting to $60,000 which will go towards the purchase of items for Christmas hampers for the less fortunate.

Isabelle and Savanna are extremely grateful for the support and encouragement received from their friends and family and would especially like to thank their fathers for guiding and assisting them along the way. They both believe that charity is about positively impacting the lives of others and even though they head off to university next year to different schools, they plan on continuing their work in Trinidad & Tobago and abroad. For these young women “charity is a fulfilling and gracious act that everyone should enjoy and take part in.”

Follow them on Instagram @letsgivesback_org