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Poem from a Gr 12 student – Power in Change

This poem was submitted to Ms. Sanders in her Grade 12 Writer’s Craft class.

Power in Change by Emerald Jean-Baptiste

Humans are dying
But the world is thriving.
Trading roles,
Different stories told.
Mother nature taking her time
To sit back and unwind.
The first clear blue sky for a new generation,
Cool clean air in China sparking conversations.
Clay stones showing through
Fluffy white swans on display for you.
Society is in chaos!
People are crying over what they have lost.
Insanity and boredom come creeping in.
During the day there are sounds of musicians,
A painted rainbow
Taped to the window,
Or the Christmas lights hung on the house
But it doesn’t stop life from feeling on pause.
Those alone or suffering from mental illness
Driven to the breaking point with this stillness.
The roles reversed,
Humans suffer while the earth gets reimbursed.
This is our karma.
Don’t say no one warned ya