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On Thursday, February 28th, the Elementary division shared an afternoon of mas, carnival, and culture in their annual Jump Up. This year, the students created King and Queen costumes based on the theme, Wildlife of Trinidad and Tobago. Each class from grades 4-8 were responsible for creating a King and Queen costume based on the theme, and using ONLY recycled items. The costumes were judged on creativity, use of materials, and display of theme. Each class worked hard over the past few days to brainstorm what type of wildlife they wanted to represent and which materials they would use. JK to grade 3 did not make costumes; instead, they made standards based on the theme, using recycled materials as well. Those who were fortunate enough to attend the King and Queen show saw costumes like the Portuguese Man-O-War, Agouti, Iguana, and Shark come to life in the gymnasium! HUGE congrats to the winning classes, Grade 3 and Grade 5, and to Ms. Nicholas, Ms. Harrilal, and all Elementary staff who was involved in this incredible event. Thanks to Ravi B for performing for us. They got us all in the carnival spirit!