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Forest of Reading Challenge begins Monday 6th February



The Maple Leaf Library presents its Forest of Reading Challenge 2017: Maple Leaf Reads from Monday 6th of February and continuing to the 7th of April 2017.

The Forest of Reading, an initiative of the Ontario Library Association, aims at encouraging people of all ages and reading levels to read; and to have their say on whether these books deserve a literary award.

Maple Leaf’s Library is registered with the Ontario Library Association to officially run this program and we have the chance to make our votes count. As such the library is throwing out the challenge to all members of Maple Leaf’s Houses to read books from the Forest of Reading collection, say whether it should be nominated for an award and earn valuable points towards your house for each nomination submitted. Depending on your particular reading level and interests, you can read through the various levels/categories of books.

There are five main categories of books in the Forest of Reading collection. These are:-
Blue Spruce     Grades JK-3
Silver Birch     Grades 4-6
Red Maple      Grades 7-8
White Pine      Grades 9-12
Golden Oak     Grade 12 & Staff
Evergreen       Grade 12 & Staff

You can click here to view the various 2017 titles for each category, along with a synopsis for each.

This challenge is open to all students of Grades JK-12, our teachers and staff. Nomination forms, available at the library, must be completed after you have read each book. On these forms you are asked to say whether the book deserves an award and why. You may also complete your Nomination form online by clicking here.

Students of Grade JK-3 will be encouraged to borrow the Blue Spruce category of books, read them and fill out nomination forms as well. The nomination form for the Grades JK-3 has been simplified and features a box for them to draw a smiley face, straight face or sad face with their favourite colour pencil, crayon or marker.

All forms would be tallied at the end of the challenge to determine the house that read the highest amount of books. These votes are also going to be sent to Ontario to be counted with those votes from not only Canada, but from other countries in the world running the program. Special prizes will be awarded to the persons in each age group who have read the most amount of books. Boxes for each house will be set up in the library for your votes to be placed in after you have read the book.

Are you ready for the challenge?